About Me

I'm Charissa...

Let's do a little pronunciation lesson real quick (:

My name is said Shuh-riss-uh, not Kuh-riss-uh, or Chuh-riss-uh or Shuh-rees-uh.  Yes, my parents are nuts and gave me the hardest name in America to pronounce.

I'm a student and athlete on the track team.  I'm using this bloggy blog to record my gains in my workouts since I've had meniscus repair, give encouragement to others, and a safe place to just get out what's been on my heart.  I also love reading people's stories of weight loss, running, or working out.

I am a Community, Corporate, Hospital Wellness major (a lot like Exercise Science) so I LOVE working out, new workouts, and encouraging others.  I don't eat like I should so I'm trying to get better with my diet as well.

I'm not going to discuss things such as religion, politics, or anything else like that.  I feel like I'm funny, others might beg to differ.  So if you want some laughs, cries, or vicariously live your college years over again through me, you can (:

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